Paths being over-simplified in web demo?

Not sure if this is a bug or just an optimization I hadn’t noticed previously, but: I was just checking out the web demo to see the popup you added, and noticed that longer/more complex tube paths seem to be getting massively simplified:

Both the previous and current implementation have issues.

Understood. I wasn’t sure, as I usually don’t scribble wildly like that when I’m actually using the app. :slight_smile:

Note that 1.46 is already released and has the new version.
The main advantage is that it works with “snap every point”.


  1. the first version didn’t produce any curve (control points), so it was precise and “snap all” was working fine. But no further curve editing in 3d was possible.

  2. then I added a simple 2d curve fitting algorithm.
    But with 2 issues:

  • the curve fitting works in 2d, so “snap all” was broken since depth wasn’t taken into account (only the control points are snapped)
  • the curve fitting was producing too many points on a turn
  1. now the simplification algorithm works in 3d, so “snap all” works better. But as you noticed it simplify too much. I plan on improving it.
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Oh nice.

In the interim, a “just snap all the points even if I can’t edit it afterwards” option might be nice, if it’s easy enough to add.

Should be better on 1.47.

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