Old Turtle Drummer (Realtime Web Project)

I finally got around to making a more realistic surface in Nomad, happy to share “Memories of a Drummer”, a realtime 3D scene running in the browser:

You can view the scene live here: https://the-crustaceans.glitch.me/
(click once anywhere for audio)

Modelled saturday evening, textured and brought to the web sunday evening.
Nomad → Blender with Needle Engine add-on → three.js on the web.

Here’s some stills from inside Nomad:

I made a bunch of facial expressions too, but didn’t end up using them so far:

The model has also been retopologized using Instant Meshes inside Nomad (a very welcome addition!) and baked from high-poly to low-poly. Love that by now I can do the entire realtime-ready workflow right inside Nomad! And Needle adds the web deployment / interactivity :slight_smile:


This looks great. I would love/pay to see a full workflow tutorial.

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:metal:too cool​:metal:

Same! Do you do tutorials on YouTube?

Very cool stuff!