Reptilian Creature

This is a digital rendition of the “Reptilian” piece, by master Aris Kolokontes:

All sculpting details are done by hand without any alphas, and all painting is done using vertex paint, without textures or UVs. I hit a hard wall at 8 MM polys (Nomad crashes if subdividing further) but I was able to add most of the detail with that resolution.

Renders come directly from Nomad, with some minor editing and color correction in Blender.

Overall this has been a fun learning experience and a challenge for me, and I hope you like it!

Kudos to Aris Kolokontes for inspiring all of us with his amazing work! Check out his Instagram profile: Login • Instagram

:link: View on Artstation:
:film_strip: Video Demo: Reptilian - Nomad Preview on Vimeo


This is really nice!

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Awesome!For me, the control of vertex painting is difficult.

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wow stunning detail! beautifully crafted!! how much time did you spend on the piece?

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Amazing model, congrats.

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Thanks a lot! Glad you like it! :smiley:

I’ll find the time in the near future to file a few bug reports that made the experience creating this a bit challenging. It wasn’t all the time, but at times I got crashes and needed to redo things. I’ll work on the replication steps later on to file the reports.

Overall, Nomad is quite an impressive application. Being a Sr. Software Engineer myself I can tell the amount of effort you put into this. Thank you! :pray:


I didn’t have much experience with vertex painting, this is the first finished piece I’ve done like this.

The trick is to keep the layers organized and do some thinking in terms of how you structure the layers. The best way would be to decompose what you see in “steps” and go from there.

Doing the gradations with the eraser and sometimes with the delete layer brush. You get the hang of it, I think the best way to master it is to force yourself to do something that seems impossible, and you’ll notice improvements! :smiley:

:bookmark:   Everything seems impossible until it’s done – Nelson Mandela


Hey Scully! Thanks! Glad you like it! :slight_smile:

I spent three weeks working with it a few hours after work. I did work 3-5 hours on some weekend days. There were a few week days I didn’t work with it because I wasn’t able to find the time…

Thanks Joseph! :raised_hands:

This is so great! Love the details :heart_eyes:

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Stunning details and paint job! I like the lighting too!

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i love it, so well done !!

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Hey! Glad you like them! :slight_smile:

Thanks Genko! :pray:

Glad you appreciate the details, it was a very fun project. Will be hard for me to reach that quality again, ha! :sweat_smile: – I think I got lucky with this one! :stuck_out_tongue:

very nicely done! love the scales and paint work!

Nice work