Old Tablet not enough ram but very good PC use Superdisplay + Bluestacks

So I wanted to take the time to share this tip here.
Maybe it can be usefull to somebody.
I had an old samsung galaxy tabs 10.1 2014 edition.
Only 3gb ram and android 5.1.1 it has a pen.
I was able to install nomad but unable to use it. The object could be seen but not what you sculpted on it. It looked dull, no light and shadows, not a setting issue. Something else, I assume related to the old android or the 3gb of ram.
I also have an old Samsung tab book. The first one. Is a touch tablet with samsung pen with windows 10 but only 4gb ram.
I started using nomad there with bluestacks and did my first couple characters sculpts. Fell in love with nomad righ away. Is a dream come true.
I have no idea how I was able to achieve this, modeling those cwracter with only 4gb ram, I didn’t experience any problems. I think the latest bluestacks versions use to much ram because after that when trying to do my third character nomad ended up getting to laggy. Maybe is the latest nomads that need a little more juice. Not sure but the experience changed, something happened and sculpting was not fun with the lagging.
I was trying to avoid expending money on a new tablet, because I just had to buy a new laptop because mine died and it was from 2014 so there were to many programs that couldn’t run on it anymore. Like latest cura, many blender versions, even latest whatsapp for pc etc. So I just went all in a bought a super capable laptop.
So I have a beast now but did not have a way to use nomad on bluestacks with a touchscreen and pen.
Nomad with a mouse, at least for me, horrible, specially not being able to move the model and zoom out and in using my fingers.
So after researching I discovered the android app Superdisplay and it is amazing because It turned that old tablet on a fantastic graphic touchscreen tablet for windows and It worked great with nomad on bluestacks.
Everything works great, the samsung pen, the fingers etc and uses the laptop beast hardware.
My only issue was that I was getting tired of a small screen so I finally gave up anyway and bought a tab s9 ultra LOL. But now I can turn the utra with superdisplay in to a graphic touchscreen tablet to use it with any windows program I want, like blender, or any drawing editing, software and at the same time I can use it with any android app.
But I write this info so other people that maybe have decent pc, laptop but a very old tablet know they can try this and still use that tablet with nomad.
Oh and it is going to get better this combo in the future when nomad will work directly on PC with out the need of bluestacks

So… to make it short:
if you already have an Android tablet and want to use it as a graphic tablet

→ there are Apps for it: e.g. SuperDisplay (not free)
btw: Samsung has a built in feature for that

if you want to use Nomad on Windows PC - not the Web Demo:

→ you can use an Android Emulator: e.g. Bluestacks

Side node:
if I got you right, you just went for the most expensive, non-sense option: reduced quality of life (lag due to SuperDisplay + super expensive Android device + you payed for a freely available feature) + waste of Computer resources and limitations (Android emulator).

Suggestion for next time:

  • go either with the Samsung tab s9plus + >27" External Monitor (-> Samsung DEX)
  • or: buy a standard laptop with non-graphic tablet (cheap) and wait for the Nomad Windows port (out soon). This even has the benefit: you can use a variety of other free programs (e.g. Blender, Krita, Inkscape) on the go.

… and if you already have an old Android device and eagerly want to use it as a graphic tablet: there are Apps for it, even free ones.

PS: Please, don’t get me wrong. But your story sounds like, a simple stumble from one new finding to another - without knowing where to go. That’s absolutely fine.

But: I’m more of a person, first trying to figure out what I want. Then ask others (e.g. in such a forum here), what are the options I have, and last: make my decision based on that.

Yes some samsung devices can do this with out any app.
But at the time I was researching this my old samsung tablet does not have this feature and I wanted to test it to see if maybe it could be an alternative to buying a new one. But I was using Reference images on nomad a lot and I really wanted to have more screen space, that is why I got a new one bicose of screen rellstate but it worked fantastically well.
I have seen video comparison of the lags each one has and Superdisplay when conected through cable, has none. You can use it with Wi-Fi too, It works well if the signal is strong but what happened to me is that sometimes it disconnected and is quite annoying but with cable is just fantastic.
Now I have a new samsung tablet that has the samsung option so next time I would need to connect it with the pc I will try to compare them.
Here one of the videos I saw: 3 method explained, the ones we discused here and a third one and how to set up each of them.
And you can see the results on his set upp. Probably some people may benefit more some over the others depending on their particular set up.

No - all Android devices can do it. The rest is how you connect the two devices. Even the cheapest phone nowadays has fast enough (de-)compression routines.

The simplest and fastest: use a fast wire connection and an App supporting it (e.g. Superdisplay) - on a phone that’s an USB 3.2 port (cheap phones only have USB 2 - OK Apple is not cheap,).
if you want to go wireless - make it via Wifi but ad-hoc - not via router (always slower, etc.).

There’s a reason why graphic tablets have a separate HDMI input (or the newer ones an USB-C 3.2 Port - because it is fast).

Btw.: There is no “strong” Wifi signal - that’s the same TikTok kiddy BS like 120Hz Screens for a lag-free drawing experience.