Normal map creator

I’m trying to make normal maps, but the color polarity is reversed. so the shadows are appearing on the wrong side of the light direction. is there a way to reverse? .most normal maps I use are R,G,Y,B, counter clockwise.

What is this?
I dont know this thing…
Is this a sphere with rgby color??
What is map function?

You could just find and use a different normal map matcap to use if the included one isn’t working right.

You may want to check your target renderer, there may be an option to switch channels there.
Worst comes to worst: any image editing app that lets you edit channels, just do it there.

Ok you’re right . I found that there is an option to rotate the position of R,Y,G,B color output.

I didn’t notice before, however you can actually adjust the shader. This is great !


Normal maps work like texture. A 2D picture. Some programs allow you to paste a “Normal” or bumpmap to your 3D model to give an effect of 3D texture ,cracks ,bumps ,rocks. Im new to Nomad so I dont know if you can paste a “normal” or a texture onto a 3D model, but with the metcap option you can certainly make a “normal” by rendering your “metcap” design as a jpeg.

No uvs no normal map

True, but OP was asking for help with creating normal maps for other software from a matcap:

Like this: