Noob question: deleting an object

I’m just a noob trying to explore the package.

How do I delete selected object I don’t need anymore?
Trim doesn’t fully remove the mesh /Object.

Scene option looks like attached image on a 6in 420dpi device. We’ve no idea which object is there without any thumb or name (given that it’s imported and doesn’t have a identifiable name)


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You can delete any object using the trash icon

Try to use your device on landscape mode you might find it much easily to navigate between the objects .

Also try to rename them as soon as possible.

Thanks for the suggestion.
I’ve been doing that.
But imagine having to put your world upside down for the lack of a simple delete button.

Hmm but the delete button is visible on your first screenshots.

You can simply select a mesh by taping on it in the viewport. Then it will be highlighted on the list.
If you hold the smooth button you can select multiple mesh in the viewport as well.

As for name, it should be imported as well (if it was present). I only support a limited set of characters though.

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