Delete confirmation for both Object and Layer lists

Currently, there is no confirmation if you tap the delete icon on the object list or on the Layer lists. On smaller screens, this button is very easy to hit by accident. There really needs to be a delete confirmation dialog for these buttons as sometimes it’s not always obvious when you tap the icon (for small objects or layers you’re not working on).

I’m not a fan because I often make multiple copies of the same objects and often have to delete the multiples. Having to confirm the deleting of them would be AWFUL.

So if anything, maybe the option to turn a confirm delete button on/off?

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Im not 100% sure what you’re asking but you can always click “group” when you clone a series of objects that are scattered through your parts list.

On the layer list, there is a “delete” button. If you press it, the layer will be deleted without notification. So if you accidentally press it and you’re not paying attention, it’s gone.