Delete mesh shortcut

Hey guys,

I have found myself bringing in complex meshes with lots of parts to sculpt details into. What would be a great help is the ability to have a delete mesh shortcut. I don’t always need every mesh in the scene and having to scroll through the scene assets can be very time consuming.

Being able to select a mesh in the viewport and simply hitting a delete shortcut would be amazing.

It might also be helpful if the scene index would auto scroll to the selected viewport object. That would remove the need to scroll through dozens of assets to find the one selected in the viewport.

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If you have a keyboard connected, you can hit the delete key as a physical shortcut in the mean time, it’s what I do.

Thanks John, no keyboard my side. I almost always sculpt on the couch or in bed, I would imagine a keyboard would be pretty cumbersome if attached to the iPad. How do you use it exactly?

In all fairness bud I’ve always used an iPad as some form of laptop - I’ve bought keyboards, cases, combo’s, etc. throughout iterations of the device, currently mines sat on its Magic Keyboard. Whilst I sculpt without it mostly, I do find I often plonk it back on and attach it to start using keyboard shortcuts, renaming scene assets, etc. basically anything specifically involving project management. Even before I bought the magic keyboard, I would just have a bluetooth one linked to it 24/7 on my desk, (and a mouse lol) and just flip the iPad into a stand position via its case whenever I used it. One of the best solutions, is buying a bluetooth keyboard with a tablet cradle in it, honestly that was my favourite setup for a long time, just popping a naked iPad into the cradle, firing up the keyboard + mouse, instant ghetto laptop lol.

Haha nice. Yeah I like the freedom of being able to sculpt anywhere so a keyboard would limit that freedom for me. Would still be keen for a delete shortcut.

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