non manifold edges detected at least one edge is shared by more than two faces nomad

Hello everyone! I’m new to 3D, downloaded the Nomad app yesterday. I am having difficulty with the file. I created the bust in Forger, transferred it to Nomad, continued modeling it there. When I finished, I wanted to transfer back to Forger. But during the transfer, I received the following message: “non manifold edges detected at least one edge is shared by more than two faces nomad”. I tried to remove all the layers, I thought the problem was that some of my objects were inside other objects. But even with an empty bust, this error still appears. It also does not work through the “Files”. I also tried to transfer the model to Procreate, but again I get an error: “Can’t import artwork. This model does not contain UV and is temporarily unsupported.”
I repeat that I am a beginner and most likely I do not understand something. If you know how to solve the problem, please write in detail. If you can specify the path how to fix it, it would be even better (For example: settings => …)

Help me please. I really hope for your answer! :disappointed_relieved:

Non manifold edges is not something that I will fix as I don’t consider it a bug, but if you go in topology menu and use « voxel remesher », the output should be guaranteed manifold.

Otherwise next release will introduce an UV unwrapper, so it should be easier to export to Procreate.


I just discovered by trial and error how voxel remeshing does indeed deal with manifold edges issue that happens in Forger on import.

I will be extremely pleased with the UV unwrapper coming to Nomad. That will be a wonderful feature.

At that point the issues that still remain in 3D in Procreate will largely theirs to deal with.