Find Errors

I’d like to see in a future update a tool to find mesh errors.
Smoothing the mesh works well to remove mesh issues when you can see them (shaded in yellow).
Some of those small yellow spots are really hard to find and takes a lot of turning layers on and off and a lot of squinting.

Can we get a tool that points to mesh issues so we can fix them and make these models watertight?

That’s out of Nomad scope for now.

The current version has a slight bug where “yellow” stuffs can leak a little bit because of rendering issue, but it should be fixed.

Also Nomad doesn’t have any precise polygonal tool, so weird non manifold stuffs cannot really be fixed.
(by non-manifold I mean edges with more than 2 faces, not simply self intersection that can be smoothed out)

The voxel remesher is enforcing a clean mesh no matter what.
With high settings, you shouldn’t lose much details (and the next release should better retain the details).

OK thanks.
So far the ‘yellow’ leakers haven’t affected me being able to print the models at all. The slicers and programs like Meshmixer complain but …no print problems = no problems :rofl:
Your program makes 1.5-2gig models well while others die trying to open them.
Amazing program!

Thank Stephan.