Nomad Sculpt Brush Tools free downloads - v1.82

It is possible with apps that have special privilege ( see Use of All files access (MANAGE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE) permission - Play Console Help).

I personally use

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I use this one:

CX File Explorer

This allows me to access the internal data directory in the Android folder:

I’m on a Samsung Galaxy S10 with Android 12

Holy smokes these are great! Thanks so much :heart:

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I tried following the video instructions you linked for installing tools, and it didn’t work for me. They don’t seem to show up in Nomad Sculpt. And the zip only included .json files, no Alpha files like in the video.

Thank you for sharing these, some of those brushes look really handy for chamfering the edges of objects! I haven’t gotten them installed yet, I tried following the tutorial video for installing tools into Nomad that someone here shared, and it didn’t seem to work. Once I figure out how to load them, I think they will be really handy! Thank you for your work! :+1:t2:

PS. I figured out that I needed to restart Nomad for them to show up. These are amazing! I really like the plane tools, they definitely do make it much easier to chamfer edges! I’ve been using a box, turning it to the angle I want the chamfer to be at, hiding it, and then voxel meshing it with the object I’m chamfering. That’s better for precise angles, but most of the time I don’t need precise angles for chamfering, so the plane tools work great for that and save a lot of time! :+1:t2:

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The alphas an texture images are embedded in the JSON file, you just have to copy the JSON files into the tools folder and restart Nomad.


@Holger_Schoenischka Thanks! I restarted Nomad and they all showed up! :+1:t2:. The first time I watched through the video, I did it muted because there were other things going on, but I just watched back through with audio to see if I did something wrong, and I noticed that you mentioned the alphas aren’t necessary for many tools. Thank you for making your videos, they are such a valuable resource! :+1:t2:

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Thanks everyone for your feedback. I appreciate your assessment.

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I suggest you look at the modeling method using a combination of the mask tools with the connection of alpha and Gizmo. I like it for its simplicity and results.

If you are interested in this method. Here is a customized brush for applying a mask and three archives with alphas for falloff.

Unpack the archives into the alpha folder in Nomad. Move the brush to the tools folder.

GradMask FILTR.json (52.3 KB) (154.0 KB) (274.5 KB) (303.7 KB)

Three folders with gradient falloffs.
In the DGradFalloff folder there is a gradient from the top edge to the bottom, in the GradFalloff folder - from the middle down. In the UGradFalloff folder - the gradient goes from the middle in both directions in a mirror way. I tried to repeat falloff based on existing ones in nomad.

Numbering goes in each group from left to right and from top to bottom. I only replaced the direct second one in the plate with another. So it turned out there were twenty alphas in each group.


Thanks for sharing, it looks interesting to me.

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I Love them! Big thankyou for that!

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Thank you!!! these brushes are game changers for me <3

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thank you

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Very nice.Thank you.

Some later for my felicitations…but here are… You are great! Thanks a lot.

Thank you so much, this is amazing to me!

These brushes are fantastic!!! Thank you for sharing!