Bevel Brush / Tool - Nomad Sculpt - A little hard Surface - LowPoly (V1.71 -17.1.2023) Tutorial

Bevel.json (3.0 KB)


Great video, much appreciated.
I try to promote Nomad Sculpt in my fablab for modeling parts to later print them with clay, fdm or sla printers, so hard surface modeling is interesting for me.

Where and/or how do I load the Brush tool into Nomad Sculpt?
Found the solution here:
When using Android, paste the file into the following folder:


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Thanks for this tool! How do I install this on the iPad?

Otherwise, read the post above by Flix.

no worries. I see it in the video now


Where is the file for the bevel brush? I really can’t see it. Maybe it’s right in front of me. I’m new to the forum so apologies if it’s a silly question

Also I don’t have a Facebook account, is there another way of getting brushes you’ve made?

Thank you :relaxed:

It is right at the top of the thread under Holger’s name.

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Thank you so much friend! I appreciate the reply.

I thought it was probably staring me right in the face, and there it was haha :joy: