Nomad Change Log

1.91 (next release)

Beta can usually be tested at nomad - WebAssembly

gizmo: add new target mode with sync instance

insert: fix previewed insertion when inserting on a repeated instance
insert: fix crash when inserting a node while instance option is on
insert: insert the nodes as a child instead of next to the picked object
insert: tries to keep hierarchy when inserting subpart of a tree selection

silhouette: fix option when mesh isn’t aligned (transform not reset)
silhouette: fix option when mesh has a non identity transform

ply: fix export when objects have transform
ply: fix export when exporting multiple objects

fbx: improve import
fbx: add basic export support (no textures, no materials)

tube: prevent profile editing if the profile is aligned with the camera view
tube: only snaps the first point of the tube when creating a tube and if the snap option is off
tube: fix cap triangulation sometimes failing in some cases

bake: fix self vertex baking in some case
bake: fix crash when a mesh has a normal map but without UV
bake: show offset preview

xray: add target option
file: update obj vertex color import if the file is coming from blender
interface: quick mask or smooth shortcut sometimes didn’t work if tools were re-ordered
wireframe: only show wireframe on visible faces (can be changed in wireframe option)
tool: presets can be loaded through drag n dropping or import button (Project menu)
wireframe: add an option to only show wireframe for the current selection
mask: clear mask even if the mirrored shape collides with the mesh (assuming main shape doesn’t collide with the mesh)
move: fix background radius when mesh has non uniform or skew matrix
repeater: tweak default mirror and radial initial world position
symmetry: fix flip option
texture: matcap supports color texture
image: improve EXR support