Nomad Change Log


stroke: connected topology now considers mask as unconnected topology
delLayer: fix alpha being ignore with painting
delLayer: force non accumulate mode, which give much better alpha stability

gizmo: remove world button instead add a reset align to the pivot mode
gizmo: add pin mode (pivot stays still when you switch between objects)
curve: align feature for repeater curve
curve: add scale control for repeater curve
array: add fit option to insert objects instead of appending them

scene: when adding new lights or cameras, put them them in their own respective group
interface: fix bug when a slider is interacted while a help popup is opened
decimate: quality should be consistent no matter the mesh coordinates scale
interface: fix duplicate cancel button
gltf: fix texture not being exported correctly
baking: handle UVs outside 0-1 range
heightmap: improve render export quality when debug heightmap option is enabled