No Matcaps or Environments folders (Solved)

I was just watching a video on how to make Matcaps and I went to check out Nomad to see where Matcaps are located and I discovered I only had one available (Orange clay) and there seemed to be no way to add more via the GUI… (like no “+” button)
So I went to Nomad’s files and discovered there are no Matcaps or Environments folders like is showing in the video.
I created a matcaps folder and environments folder, shut down Nomad, opened it back up and still there seems to be no way to add additional matcaps or Environments…
Any ideas on what’s going or how to fix this?
Thanks in advance for any suggestions or help.

Duh… Apparently you have to tap the matcap material to get the matcap library to open, which wasn’t obvious from the video… found that out by accident. Same with the environments.
Still, I don’t know why there were no folders, but apparently I know how to add stuff now.
Thanks anyway.

Also thanks for a great program.

Custom MatCaps can be added in through the UI. No need to hunt around the folders. :+1:

Thank you, I must have been editing my post while you were answering… Apparently I didn’t realize you have to tap the material thumbnail to open the matcap library…
But thank you very much for the quick reply!

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