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I’ll delete extraneous views as I add more to this page.

A medieval, space age, sheep.

What would a grey look like if it was mixed with an ape?

Weiner trap fish

Off to find more strange creatures, ZOOOSH!
(Unfortunately my brain-in-a-robot creation was lost on an iPad crash - back up your stuff people!)


Love them all, but the sheep is so funny, my favourite :slight_smile:

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For the sheep, you could’ve just connect some round spheres together and dynamesh them…This would give the sheep and the coat more depth and a more natural look.

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I kind of like the simplicity, it reminds me of a wonder from my childhood, the floaty puffing sheep from Space Station Silicon Valley.
But I’m interested in how far i can go in detail and create something truly worthy of the title “art” so I’ll give it a shot.

I added some detail here. Just kind of getting the hang of alphas.

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This is a very large robotic penguin that will be controlled by many more, tiny real life mechanic/engineer/pilot penguins. (Which do exist.) (Question mark?)

It’s still a deep WIP progress but eventually i want them to battle the same concept but with seals. A large seal on tank wheels with a thriving community of seals rolling the oasis of civilization beast through the dangerous arctic.

Heck maybe we could do a whole series and even do some programming :slight_smile:

(A little bit of perspective to get the sense of being a penguin near this thing.)

Needs lots more hardsurface work, fixer uppers (trims etc.) and experimentation before I get to the little guys driving the great machine through the perilous outlands.

Eventually you will be able to see the little penguins running upstairs, working on computers, climbing ladders, pulling levers, etc. inside the clear areas of the penguin (stomach, sides, “eyes” (cockpit) as well as on the exterior panels/catwalks/roof (for maintenance and gunning whatever’s on the ground, the old school way)


The penguin is still in progress. (Interior stuff)