Alex is making stuff!

Hi there. Finally I made some sculpt to show.


And another piece done for the first weekly challenge. As it was my first try at sculpting human-ish face and body, I am very proud of the final result.

And big thanks to @3litza for sharing the furr/hair alpha.

Ispired by drawing by Randy Bishop.

Stylized furr/hair alpha by @3litza


Yup enough fur :grin: well done :+1:t2:

He looks great! Well done Alex!

Dang, That’s looking great!

If I had my AD hat on I’d say to watch the transition of the neck to his chest so that it flows together more like the concept…but I don’t! :stuck_out_tongue: So great job!

Thanks guys!

@PXgeek I’m wearing my perfectionist shoes and I’m trying to fight with that. I also don’t like neck-torso area (I must have broke it during posing) and I decided to leave it that way. I’ll do it better next time.

Meanwhile I made my entry for another weekly challenge.

Design by Ivan Kunakh

And a little progress image.


Another weekly challenge entry.

Design inspired by Derek Laufman.

And some progress stages: