New project icons

I am an older fart. My eyes start to get a bit weaker than some years ago.
On a 10,5” the icons are same size than on my iPhone plus. But the tablet is always double distance. Text is on max already but both, icons and text are a bit smaller than comfortable.
Finally the icons are harder to hit and inconsistent to rest of menu design.
These are my thoughts right now.
If this is a start to use icons for everything and you can drag and drop them to a custom toolbar, I haven’t said anything. :smiley:

What is your experience?

As we have previously discussed, I’m probably the oldest of farts here - such an old fart that it has no smell!! Anyway, I have a similar thought with the icons but I guess it doesn’t bother me too much. I’ve been using Nomad since release & find the correct icon through memory rather than what it looks like. It throws me off a little when new icons get added but the main toolbar can be customised so that’s all good. I currently place any new brushes at the bottom of the stack so I can find them quicker & they don’t disrupt the layout of the tools above. Full customisation would be great but only if you could save & load the UI as in ZBrush.