New pbr Physically correct render

Hi guys, I’m sharing this little discovery that may really interest you

it’s a 3D rendering software that guarantees photorealistic visuals that you can use from any win,mac, android device and icing on the cake ios in a web browser either as a 6 $/month subscription or as a perpetual license.


Come on, I’m posting my first test. Without raw rendering retouching

It’s incredible and it’s the free web version


Yeah wow, thats really good fun when you start to play with emissive surfaces and depth of field.


yep really nice render. which platform are you using, web or standalone? i’m having trouble with my license right now, so i hope they’ll fix it soon. and on ipad os, the image is burned in the web version, so for now it’s back to my good old pc and chrome. i’ve shared some other renderings in the artwork section if you’d like :wink:

Just dragging stl’s into the web engine and messing with lights and materials.

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yep that’s what I do too but there are problems on ipad I’m contacting the team for that right now. by the way small news there’s SSS coming in the next few months and an ios version :slight_smile:

Ah right, i’m using it in chrome on a desktop, i’m not enough of a ipad warrior to try a pathtracer on a mobile chipset. :slight_smile:

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I’ve been keeping my eye on this for a while now, just need them to add SSS and I should be able to end my £1200 per year dependency to keyshot, finally!

The ground plane/shadow catcher for HDRis is a really nice feature

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yes, I agree. I’m in contact with customer service, who let me know that it won’t be long before the sss and an ios version are available :slight_smile: