New iPad Pro and hover functionality

Hover is really nice if you’re using big brushes. You can see a preview of the brush tip size and shape/texture before making a mark - like in a desktop app. And I think some developers are going to possibly implement it as a variable when performing gestures. It allows you to work while looking at both screens when using a big monitor too. Probably very few people doing that.

Currently, there are some issues in drawing apps like Procreate (you can check out their forum) with strokes not being quite as accurate. There is also slightly more lag in brush strokes that I can see in Procreate… So right now I’d say it’s not worth it at all. It hopefully will be (depending on how you work) after another iPadOS update or two and developers have had time to work out the kinks.

If you come to the iPad from a Cintiq or similar display tablet, you may appreciate the hover feature more. It’s the only advantage I have thought they had over the iPad.

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It may be independent of the Crease tool. I just had the issue again.

123 recorded moves (undo button)
Voxel remeshed at 849 resolution.
After remeshing my point is off.

Restarting Nomad fixes the issue.

The offset bug will be fixed on next release.

Until then, you can bake the matrix (gizmo → menu), it’s caused by transforms that either have skew or non uniform scale.