Moving any part of character

Someone tell me how can i moving any part of character like hand or leg because in nomad we should cut the part. But someone ca tell us how can we move the part of character without cutting. sorry about my english i know it’s not good enough

Mask what you don’t want to move, select gizmo, check the pivot box to edit, move the gizmo to the pivot start of what you want to move, uncheck the pivot box and use the rotations to move

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Can also mask the part you want to move then hold the mask button on the left and tap on background to invert the mask :+1:t2:

I know how move any part of body with mask i did it, but it’s so annoying

You asked a question of how to pose without cutting & that is the method. This is the Feature Request part of the forum so maybe your feature request is character rigging, in which case I’m sure it’s been asked many times before. :+1:t2:

Yeah, but in prisma 3d you can do that, I mean add the rigging

That’s on Android so you’re lucky to have it available - you can rig in Prisma and bring back into Nomad to paint & render :+1:

Yeah, it’s kind cool