Move & Drag question

It might be a silly question, but what’s the difference between Drag and Move?

I can see that the stroke type in Move is Grab. I also understand that Drag can modfy the topology when Dynamic Topology is active. But aside from that scenario I am not sure which to pick.


They are actually the same, it’s only the stroke type that makes them different.
Move will « lock » the selection whereas « Drag » will continuously update the selection and sculpt.
Maybe in the future I’d like to implement something similar to blender « rake » option for the Drag brush Sculpting Tools — Blender Manual (no distorsion when making a U-turn)
Also, by default Move has the « connected topology » option activated.

Same for the Stamp brush which is just the Brush but with another stroke type.


That makes sense, thanks for the clarification!
Something like rake would be quite useful, I think it’s a great idea!