Missing primative

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Can anyone tell a beginner where to find the “…” that will allow me to make shapes hollow or give any pointers for easier ways please?

The … has been removed from the objects list.

When you create a new don’t validate it until you have gone into the topology menu. The topology menu represented by the box grid has settings needed to adjust the object. You can also make tubes hollow in the pop up menu at the top centre bar when you choose a new object. There will be an edit button for certain primitive shapes.

Make sure you have the latest Nomad update. The Uk Apple Store doesn’t always show an update is available until you click on the app description panel in the store. :crossed_fingers:t2:

Thank you Adam

I cant seem to figure out how to make it hollow with anything in the topography menu, prior to validating.

Think I found it with mask then extract shell

Only the cylinder object has the hole option in the primitive object selection. If you want a cube you can use a cylinder, reduce the polygon count down, rotate 45 degrees and edit the hole. :slightly_smiling_face:

Interesting thank you