Masking workflow?

I’m wondering how people are using masks in their workflow. I’m not sure if there’s a better way to work than the way I am.
So, let’s say I want to scale, rotate or translate a part of my model… my workflow would be paint a mask on the area I want to work on, blur the hell out of it (I wish there was an iteration slider for this) then invert and then use the move gizmo to do what I need to do.
The parts that are “clunky” are having to blur 20x times, then, if I painted it wrong, I need to rinse and repeat… it’s kinda cumbersome. Also, it leaves artifacts around the areas that were blurred, almost as if it was a low bit depth map.
Anyway, I’m wondering if folks out there have a more streamlined workflow… would love to hear your thoughts. Thx

I haven’t found much success with masking to transform any significant part of my mesh. I’ve started experimenting with masking then using Split to make a new object from my unmasked portion, then adjusting as needed and remeshing once I’m done (or just leaving it separate until later). I’m not loving it yet, but it mostly avoids the weird mesh-edge artifacting you get when doing a direct transform with a mesh.

I think the artifacts you’re referring to are a combination of the fact that masks are dependent on your mesh resolution and the fact that the transform tool adjusts all unmasked vertices identically, except for those that are partially-masked.

I’d really love to see a falloff and radius option for the transform tool, honestly. I.e., give Transform a spherical area of effect whose radius you can adjust with a slider, and give it the normal falloff options.

I just thought of this and now I’m really eager to see it. Gonna go mock it up and add it to Feature Requests.

I would love to see something like that… That would make the “voxel merge” workflow way easier since it usually generates a very dense mesh

Yeah, pretty much how we’re doing it…for now anyway :slight_smile:
Steph will likely refine this in the future; and there were lots of great ideas presented in here thread.

I think masking is still done in 8bit, so that’s probably where the artefacts are from.

I still wish we could toggle off an active mask so we can paint without seeing the dark shading though.
Reading around the forums it seems like at one point you could do this, but was then changed. It doesn’t help that the masking value was also changed to a darker shade a few versions ago :laughing: ah well, so is life