Masked areas do get voxel remeshed, or they get protected from remesh?

I have a doubt. Some times remeshing messes up with details, So I thought maybe if I mask the part with the details I want to keep intact it will protect it. For example, I have a character were the body, head and face are ready but I need to make a lot of changes to the hands, so I mask everything except the hands, Then as I work on them I will voxel remesh many times as needed. Does masking protect those parts from being remeshed? Or the whole character will be remeshed anyway as there where no mask on those other parts?

I don’t believe they are protected from remeshing, only from being sculpted on.

Use dynamic topology on those areas first. You can create, destroy, and recreate any area without disturbing any other area. Then, if you need it, use the voxel remesh at a higher resolution to keep as many details as possible.