Mask extraction moves objects

Bug reports - hello,
I noticed when trying to separate the jaw from the mouth I was getting some weird results. Using the mask tool to split the object moves the object to random location. I am placing a video to show you.

Thanks for the report, I’m not sure but I may have already fixed it.

To verify you can drag n drop the file into nomad - WebAssembly
Since browsers have limited amount of memory, it’s best to test on desktop.
Otherwise you can send me the model and i’ll verify.

Just tested on the web demo and the results are the same as the video I posted. I did notice one new thing. The object doesn’t just move to a new location, it also shrinks.

Can you send me the model (email in nomad about menu or simply private message in the forum)?

Thanks, will be fixed for next release.

(issue happens when the object is a child in a hierarchy)

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Thank you Sir :slight_smile: