Lost a day’s work... not a bug?

There is a very strange way Nomad works in a particular area.

I masked and hid the majority of a character so I could isolate the teeth. Then I masked each individual tooth and split them from the body.

After that, I should’ve been able to go back to the body mesh, “unhide” the previously masked parts to reveal the whole body.

Instead the body was just GONE. Why? I didn’t clear the mask, I didn’t delete hidden (is that even possible in Nomad?), I just hid a part of a mesh. But at some point Nomad just said, “ah we don’t need that whole other giant thing you’ve been working on for days.”

EDIT: fortunately digging around in the project folder, there was one saved file from 2:04am that was still untouched. Strange it didn’t show up in my Nomad:data:projects folder but it did show up in my Nomad:projects folder.

Nomad doesn’t delete hidden mask just like that.
What did the object list looked like?
No hidden object?
You made sure the solo shortcut was disabled as well as the « hide mask » tool?

Nomad/data/projects is only for autosave and thumbnails.

It’s very odd, I’ve been able to recreate the circumstances once, but the second didn’t delete. Seems clearing or inverting the mask while hidden will delete the hidden part.

I was using both solo and hide mask as normal.

I’m 100% sure that faces cannot be deleted like that, without a doubt.

What could happen is that the faces are still hidden but for some reason the « hide mask » button is still disabled.
In that case pressing twice the button should fix the issue (and maybe adding a bit of masking on the object before doing that).