Make mirror planes visible

The mirror planes can not be seen in a top view - the line disappears. It is not possible to position the mirror plane. Is it possible to make them visible in the top views as well - something like inverted color?

Not sure I understand, if the plane is aligned with the view you can see it obviously?

When “Plane” is aligned with the view you can NOT see the other “Planes”. If I want to align the mirror axis I can’t see where it is because it is invisible when the view is aligned - this is bad if you want to mirror at an angle for example. I hope you understand what I mean…

Just rotate the view.

(putting extra work to handle something like that is not worth it at the moment).

Also the behavior is changing a bit for the next release, only the active planes are rendered.
It’s not the definitive version (maybe I’ll keep a very small reference arrow frames or something)
The goal is not really to fix your original issue though.

Edit: Actually you got lucky, I can fix your issue just by using a thin box instead of a plane

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I am speechless…Top! Possibly a little thinner if that is possible. :+1: