Losing multiresolution levels?

I’m running into an issue where I’m losing all my mulitres levels and I have no idea why. For instance, I was working on this sculpt that had two subdivision levels to bring it up around 400k faces.

Then after working on it for a while, I would go back to check on my subdivision levels to drop down to change something and I noticed they were gone. So all I had left was the highest subdivision level, so I can no longer drop down to the lower levels.

This has happened on a few models and I have no idea what is causing it.

One possible thing I am thinking is that I have autosaves and also I save manually here and there.

Is saving manually the reason why I’m losing all my subdivision levels? This is really frustrating as I just put in about an hour of work into a model and now all that progress is gone and I have to remesh and start over.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Some tools will remove subdivision level. Such as trim. There’s warning for each tools that can remove sub level at down left.

The lower levels are not saved for now, mostly to reduce file size.
You can use the “Reverse” button to build back the multiresolution level.

As @Dface_Lesh said, any operation that change the topology will delete the multiresolution.
It’s like that in any software, without exception (Trim, Split, but not Project, etc)

Ah okay.

I used trim at a certain point after subdividing so that seems to be the issue. And yeah, I know when you go into dyntopo you get a warning, but I guess I’m not familiar enough working with multires to have known that trim might be the culprit. Totally makes sense.

So that’s on me. I’ll try and remesh again and start over and NOT use tri again.


Yes usually there’s a popup warning when you might lose the multiresolution but for Trim and Split I didn’t want to make a wild popup appear in the middle of the screen.

You can see a small warning popup at the bottom but it’s easy to miss.
I’ll instead add a permanent banner on top when you are using Tool and Split (and if the current mesh is a multiresolution).

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Thank you Stephane.

And yeah, totally my fault for realizing. I’m still new to using multires so it didn’t occur to me that using Trim was the issue, but that totally makes sense as by trimming, I am technically creating a new model that is separate from any changes brought on by using multires, therefore, I can understand why it saves the state from there and the multires levels go away.

Thank you for making that update. I’m sure it’ll save headaches from folks like me that are still learning the ropes. I appreciate all the time you put into Nomad.