Losing all custom stroke setting after crash

Hi guy,

Are there any options in the works to stop crashes from resetting stroke settings? I have had symmetry crash nomad a few times and every time I have to redo my stroke settings on all tools. Custom cloned tools are also reset making it pretty pointless to even set them up.

Thanks in advance.

crashes from resetting stroke settings? Symmetry crash?

Clearly you either do something wrong or there is something you don’t understand as it’s the first time I hear about such issues.
But you need to give more information (screenshot, etc)

Not sure how I could be doing something wrong when nomad resets stoke settings. These are the settings I’m talking about. Are you saying nomad should remember custom setting’s when it crashes? As a side note I’m sure there are some crashes that are caused by me pushing the app too far or by other means, I guess that is how we learn the limits of the software or hardware.

Brush settings are not saved, it’s by design.
You need to save it yourself by clicking the tool icon on the toolbox.

As for the crashes, most of the time it’s due to memory limitation (RAM, not storage).

Ahhh I see. So when I Create the new brush settings I have to save manually. Makes complete sense. Yip memory is my biggest issue at moment on my iPad, might be time to upgrade if I really want to push Nomad.

Thanks for the help Stephomi, much appreciated.:ok_hand:t3: