Look at your sculpt in AR for free

Hello, i tried studio.worldcast.io site :
i exported a gltf with uvw unwraped texture from Nomadsculpt into blender to verify everything then, upload gltf with free account on studio.worldcast.io site. And it’s very fun.
Here is the link to my sculpt :
WorldCAST Portal

It could be more fun if in near futur you can do it right with your smartphone UI, like a Samsung ARzone but useful maybe with some AI mask to detect objects on forground and realtime HDRI map and focus from smartphone cameras :slight_smile:


ok i have done some basic researches and i found using to upload my gbl file on PC and the if i want to deploy on my phone i just have a qr code

The Adobe Aero app is a great free viewer for bringing models into the real world and walking around them

Very interesting! :slight_smile: