AR for scene visualisation in nomad

On amazon when you whant to see your futur tv inside your livingroom they propose to use
AR projection.
Nomad is on your ipad or your smartphone. It’could be fun to have the possibility to visualise your charactere design on a real environment with AR helping for realtime simple compositing option. You can combine it when your on location taking 360 map with your cam where you are on same location to helps immersion of the 3d model.

I would rather have other sculpting features worked on than something that doesn’t really help the sculpting process. There’s plenty of other apps that allow you to see your model in AR if you need it. Click HERE for an example.

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It’s just an idea of another way to render and appreciate in AR your sculpt even when it’s not finished yet inside nomad. Augment is not the solution too. It’s not the same purpose. And i will love to have sculpt tools too. They are just ideas, no big deal. I will love to have in new smartphone or tablet a option android and ios to directly read gltf file project with AR with factory apps. Instead of useless AR avatars option in samsung camera option for exemple.