Load .nom file

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Im gonna be transparent with you, I was using a trail version 1.71 when I sculpted the model, it was only afterwards that I realized I couldnt export it. I cant currently buy the official version so in able to export it, I downloaded a MOD version for now. But the trail versions project format was .nom files. And the Mod 1.70 versions project format is glb.lz4 file format. So when I load the .nom file, it says Unknown model file extension: nom Is there anything that can be done? Do you think the file is atleast ok until I can buy the ful version?
is there a way I could load it or convert the .nom file to glb.lz4?

Use nomad - WebAssembly

I don’t care about the MOD stuff but I certainly don’t want to waste a second on stuffs like that.

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