Nomad Sculpt internal file format

Hello there! I recent found out that Nomad Sculpt internal file format, .nom conflicts with existing file format with the same extension called Aonix Nomad. I have a sugestion what Nomad Sculpt internal file format should be renamed:

  • .nomad
  • .nmdsclpt
  • .nscpt
  • .nsculpt
  • Or any name of your choise that does not conflict with existing file extension…


There is no official registry of extension file, so conflicts will happen (at least for short extension).

Nom is there to stay, it’s been there for a while and it’s the file magic that matters.
Nomad actually ignores the extension when loading file.

You can rename all your files .nomad if you prefer… it will work the same.
I could rename .nomad but it’s not like I’ll have exclusivity on the extension…
I would be motivated to do so if the Aonix Nomad thing was a widely used extension in the 3d/artist field. But it’s not really the case.