Laying on mass on a thin object…

Hi everyone,
I’m kind of new to Nomad, so not sure if this is a stupid question. Working on a thin object (shell), like a cape seems to almost always affect the opposite side as well.

I kind of understand that, but are there ways to prevent that? Am I missing something?


Hi. You can try starting with a plane using trimming and deforming, maybe dyntopo, keeping it as a 1 sided polygon sheet until the end, then you can apply thickness using the shell command.

Thanks for you reply! But adding to a plane seems to still hollow out the other side, and if I then extract, it will still be hollow…

Even masking influences the other side so that doesn’t help. Is there no way to only act on the visible meshes?

At this point I just keep een earlier version, and voxel merge, but it’s hard to keep small details…

Ok, I found it! Which only ever happens after you pose the question… :frowning:

For anyone that might face this issue: In Filter settings there is a ‘front-facing vertex only’ setting.