How to make an object thicker without losing resolution?

I have a 3d file from a chest armor and I would like to make it thicker in order to be more printable. I’ve masked with selection and then used the option “Extract”. The option does what I want except for the resolution. It gets lower resolution and I would like to keep the original definition. Is it possible?

I’ve tried to remesh it before and after, or subdivide it before and after but nothing works. (I’ve added image)


Is this the original file / mesh ? Do you have a picture of the original with WIRE FRAME ON ?
You also have Border smoothness on MAX.
If you have masked the whole object, then the object will be thicker in ALL directions !

This is the original file wireframed:

I’ve tried with Border Smoothness at MIN and same result. Is true that i’ve masked the entire object (thinking it will got extracted for all faces). Only extracting the back face will do the work maybe, how can I mas only a face? When I mask from one side directly it get masked from the other side also.


I’ll get back to you if I come up with anything useful.

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In the brush setting of Mask or Sel. Mask, click the “Front-facing vertex only” option. This will select only the vertices “facing” you. Play with it a little and you should be able to get only the parts you want. You can unmask front facing vertices this way as well.

Yes, there is front vertex only, but it is still almost impossible with SUCH AN OBJECT- to mask ONLY the outer surface.
In the edge area front vertex only does not work exactly, EVERYWHERE you rotate the view…

Have you already tried to lift up the Resolution and subdivide the original mesh 2-3 times (or even more)?

When you extract from a object with higher Poly Count, its usually better quality.

After that you will maybe have to decimate the “new” extracted object, because it will be big too.

Higher Polys = Higher Details/Sharp Edges

The higher the polycount, the smaller the frazzled edges become, but the result is poor and unclean…
The object is hard surface and has sharp edges, every vertice that is missing creates an unclean result.
Nomad Sculpt is simply not designed for such an operation…

I agree, but if he 3D prints it in lets say 1:12 or 1:6 scale…maybe it clear and sharp enough?

It’s only a workaround…he can sand his 3D print later on

If it’s just about printing and he just wants to make the shell a little thicker, then he can just duplicate the object and push the 2nd object out a little.
Then remesh both objects…

I was interested in the exact masking - unfortunately it does NOT work to mask such surfaces exactly.

Thanks for all your ideas. I’ve been trying the selection and in the corners it cannot be sharp. The idea of the duplicate is the easiest but when you move the second object down, you get thicker the chest but not the corners (because you move in the same direction, not inside).

Really appreciate all your suggestions because I’ve learned how to mask one face and how to proceed.

Thanks community!

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