How improve edges when shell extract?


Any way to improve the edges when extract from a mask?

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Hello :smiley: im total noob in 3d graphics but i manege to do that by subdivision of the main mesh then masking pulling shell out then downgrading subdiv lvl and then doing clenup of edges and adding some details if needed and than decimate shell mesh. :slight_smile: maybe there is better way

When you say “then downgrading subdiv lvl” means that delete the multiresolution? in my case say “the current topology is probably not a result from a subdivision” :thinking:

Best way I have found is to use a gentle modified smooth tool. It seems to work better than loads of polygons.

Yes, don’t use masks for this task.
The result has never been that satisfying so far and I am missing some toolsets to get this right.

But I tried something different for you.

What I did:
-Make cabin base form from default sphere.
-Duplicate as backup, you never know.

  • switch perspective OFF
    -Mask everything except bottom of your cabin proxy.
    -Extract to the wished thickness.
    -Use trim polygon :grinning:
    -When finished, use symmetry left to right as trim is not working with symmetry.
    -Go back to your base cabin again.
    -If mask is not active anymore…it should though, do an extract with less shell thickness for the glass.

It’s not perfect, as trim is a projection. But the result is looking satisfying, doesn’t it? :vulcan_salute:


Wow, looks so cool too better than my cabin. Let’s go to try :slight_smile:
Thanks for share.

Look at poly count :vulcan_salute:


wow! using the same technique?

The trick is:

  • Use the split tool.

  • on window parts add a layer :grinning:

  • use the clay brush

  • put it on grab dynamic ( had the best results with clay, don’t know why)

  • put the brush on sub and low intensity, or a bit more….you are working on a layer my friend, you can adjust later :vulcan_salute:

  • open layer options and give it to you like you need it.

It’s awesome, opens up a bunch of nice options!
Just remember that also the split tool is a projection and the incoming angle changes the width of the cut.

Could have been a nice teaching video sold for billions :rofl:

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Tomorrow I will try but a video will be great :sweat_smile:

Sure, I could also do the modelling for you. :heart: :kiss:

Sorry, no time for video here. You’ll find your way through and learn even more. :grinning: :vulcan_salute:

:expressionless: yes master

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