'Layer filtering' being a non-proprietary Paint tool setting + Add 'Blur' into Shader menu

Hi Stephane, I don’t normally put a feature request in, these are just two features I noticed slowed me down a little bit when trying to create concept models - being doing a lot of colouring concepts with Nomad recently for my employer, wondered if it would be possible to have this option dedicated in the Layers feature in a future build. Just being able to have the model highlighted and the Layers open, and using the stroke to fill the colours quicker without switching over to the Paint tool each time would make workflow a bit faster - also, adding the Blur slider bar into the Environment widget for the Shader, exposure is there, would be bit faster again not to have to visit the Background tab just to uniquely access this feature when working with the HDRI’s. Thank you for your time & patience my friend.