Knackis Quick Nomad Tips 🖖

Short on memory?
Your stats are all red and sculpting get sluggish or Nomad really crashes due to low memory?

Here are some points that might help:

Inside Nomad:

  1. :joy: Backup!

make a back up before.
Save your project then use save as & new and give your project a new number / name.
Maybe you want to go back and tweak some high detail parts and import them on your reduced project later. Back ups are always good.

  1. Purge undo history

What is a good idea, if you are at memory limit, is to purge undo history. I guess there is no function for this, but save and reload project should do the trick. Undo should be on 0. This frees some memory.

  1. Decimate finished parts

use decimate, not voxel remesh to reduce polycount. This will save your details very well. If you wan to 3D print, turn off „smooth shading“ As a 3D printing artist you want to see if polygons are getting too big and visual in final print.

  1. Merge layers

If no longer needed, or when you have no other chance, merge layers before. To do this, go to layers menu and tap on three line icon with little arrow pointing down. And due to point 0 you have a backup you can go back to. With save and checking „selected only“ you can save just one part later and with „add to scene“ load it to your reduced project again.

  1. Use new Boolean instead voxel remesh

If you want to union two objects into one solid mesh, you used voxel remesh with high poly count not to loose detail.
No need to voxel merge since Nomad 1.79. You can do a boolean union without detail loss.

On your ipad outside Nomad:

  1. Closing anything else on ipad is always a good idea on any device, specially on those with low RAM. Really closing by double press home button and swipe up any other app, except Nomad in older devices. Or slowly drag upwards on newer devices till you see all tabs. Then swipe up anything else than Nomad.

  2. It can happen that you gain some extra MB by restarting your ipad. Or hard restart by long press home and the other button on older devices or side button & loudness on newer devices …I guess :sweat_smile:

Good to know:

One object with high poly eats more memory, than many objects having same amount of poly in total. :vulcan: