Knackis Quick Nomad Tips 🖖

Here I want to collect some tips instead of wasting it in Feature Requests workarounds:

Chamfer a cube

Method 1 via post subdivision:

Method 2 by masking & smooth + radial symmetry

Create a cube
Validate at wished resolution
Turn perspective off
Snap to front view (tap on cube “front)
Choose sel mask - rectangle tool
Go to symmetry menu
tap on X to make it white/inactive
Put radial symmetry on 4 for X & Y
Select the mask
Choose Smooth tool with same symmetry settings
In stroke menu switch from dot to dynamic radius
Smooth to your likeness.



Move Trim / Project / Split / Mask area

There is only one way to move an area I know via polygon tool.
Tap and hold green dot to move polygon, tap green dot to execute.

Trim with symmetry


4 sided tube without rotation on plane:

-Create a plane

-Choose tube tool

-Check “every point” in tube tool snapping options

-Choose orthographic view / top to see plane in 90 degree

-Choose path from tube tool

-Draw points on plane

-Check green dot to create tube

-Reduce division x to 4 in mesh options, uncheck “constant density” before of course.

-If the tube is rotated 45 degrees carefully move the SECOND point of tube path. Again in orthographic top view of course.

-Tube rotation will snap between 0 and 45 degree.

-If it is 0 degree rotation, don’t move anymore :vulcan:


Controllable Outline

There was a cool outline workaround on Discord from Lazyguy
Works very well:

Duplicate mesh.
Create layer
Use inflate with grab dynamic
Go to material = always unlit, inverse culling, two sided OFF
Adjust layer strength
Create another layer for changing color
Create another layer for sculpting adjustments

Now you can control line thickness via first inflate layer. And combine with anything you want.


Nice tips!

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Making a wall with partly visible bricks using dynamic topology, brick alpha, layer and delete layer brush.

Switch dynamic topology on.
Create layer
Use brick alpha brush

Use del layer brush with hard edges ( you can scale down white alpha I.e.) to make the transition realistic.



Great tuto!

Thanks for this quick tip :ok_hand:

:vulcan_salute: you are welcome :vulcan_salute:

There’s a couple of ways you have shown that I didn’t even think about. Thanks very helpful. :+1:t2:

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I guess most of you know that you can use the turntable to do some pottery style sculpting. On discord Stephomi revealed another possible use = continuous or airbrush mode.
Put turntable speed on 0.
As Long as you hold your pen in place, the brush is added. Together with dyntopo this is opening interesting options.
Beside that, it is simply fun to see those guys grow. :grinning:

Experiment with different pressure settings for strength and size and different alphas. I haven’t found a different way to achieve this ball like look. Use thre fingers to adjust brush size. A brush size preview is suppressed for sure.

I am sure if there once will be a jitter/random option for stroke position, or a fixed adjustable alpha rotation this could be even more useful.

But together with inflate, alpha and dyntopo it can produce a kind of mesh overflow, so be a little bit careful.


Using this turntable technique gives totally new behaviour to most of the brushes - drag with detailed alpha feels completely different….spongy almost. Great tip Knacki.

@Bezzo there was a discussion on discord if @stephomi will implement the continuous function in nomad, like it is in Sculpt GL.
He denied it saying it is not that useful, and explained this workaround.
Me, I like it a lot and would say it would be a fantastic addition to the toolset. What do you guys think? I mean, I wasn‘t able to create this look with existing tools, but maybe it‘s just me failing?

Your “balls” can be made with an inflate brush set to high strength with grab radius. I think you’ve mentioned that you’re not a fan of inflate but I find it’s a good way to add spheres onto things in a controllable way.
I really like this turntable feature and having it as a “continuous” button on the left toolbar would be awesome. Seriously changes the feel of the brushes and seems to allow smoother strokes, when using the pencil like a real sketching pencil. +1 for adding this to the toolset!

Ok, inflate, drag dynamic I tested before of course, but with intensity on something like 1000% it does almost same like in my example above and is better to control. But still there is a difference.

Definitely a difference. I’m a fan of the new world order……everything will be done in “continuous” from now on. :joy:

Note that using turntable will continuously render as well, so it will likely drain the battery faster.

I’ve noticed a higher uptake of battery usage when keeping scenes in turntable mode, it’s kept me wary about using it for serious sculpting purposes, my iPad battery already is on a x3 cycle daily recharge if I spend entire working day on Nomad - although this technique demonstrated does look really fun to play with.

Something else worth to play with:
The other transform tool!
I used it in next video together with voxel remeshing time by time. This way it is easier to generate twirls.

What I forgot……try transform tool with your fingers. It‘s fun and more flexible than Gizmo, but a bit challenging to get used to. Two & one finger.


Now that’s bloody useful. Shall be copying that technique. Thanks for the share man!