Keep the shape or settings of the tube during repetitions

When repeating from the tube, each new tube loses some of the original shape. It would be great if you could fix the first tube as the master tube - lock function does not help.

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You need to reselect your original tube before making a new one.

Yes, but I wanted to make very very many tubes for hair and there it would be very handy if you could leave the first tube selected… :blush: Sometimes it is difficult to select the first tube again - every time…

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Maybe you could reserve the original as base to clone out of the mesh, I use it when I need to clone.

Unfortunately, drawing individual tubes no longer works when cloning or insert. I often use the Tube Tool this way: Nomad Sculpt - Tube Tool - Fluffy like Hair, Fur, Beard…. LOW POLY (V1.65 - 18.12.2021) - YouTube
This way you can always draw the hair with the same tube setting and every hair is individual…
But if you want to use different radii for strands, they get lost from tube to tube, because the tool does not hold the first master tube but jumps on and on.