Jose’s Sculpts 🦥

Hi! I’m Jose David Cifuentes, from Colombia :colombia: currently working as a Character Artist at Avalanche Studios (Sweden) :sweden:. I bought an iPad a week ago, and I’ve been having a blast with Nomad so far, I love to be able to sculpt away from my desk, it feel less like working, I’m enjoying the process a lot, I’ll start posting some sculpts, WIPs and sketches in here. :slight_smile:

Let’s connect on Artstation & Instagram:

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Here’s my first Sculpt, it is a portrait of my mom, it was a a lot of experimentation with this one, trying to find a good sculpting workflow with the app, learnt most of the tools while doing it.


Beautiful work :rose:

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Very nice work. :+1:t2:
Are you going to have it 3d printed? :slightly_smiling_face:

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thank you Guys! I’ve thought about 3D printing it but I recently moved to a small apartment and I’m still figuring out how to set up my 3D printing space without having resin fumes all over the place :sweat_smile:

Great Work!!

That’s awkward. Only thing I can think of is If you have some sort of extraction vent in the kitchen or bathroom. Being an apartment makes work space harder.
I know some of the Elegoo Mars printers have built in carbon filters. Maybe there is some sort of addition or hack that you can add a low cost filter to your printer. There might be info on YouTube. Uncle Jessy, 3dPrintFarm, 3dPrintingPro and 3d Printing Nerd are good channels to follow. :slightly_smiling_face:

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