Joining cloned “radial-ed” primitives with Boolean crashes 1.87

Love the program and sorry to bring up an issue, but it seems that when you add a primitive and a radial, validate, join children, clone and use Boolean to join, the program freezes at 59.94% or quits. I have tried with several primitives with the same result with radial. The other repeaters seem to work fine. Thanks for the help.

To clarify, you clone the mesh and then perform a Boolean without moving it?

It doesn’t make much sense and is bound to trigger issue since you’ll get tons of coplanar faces. But I’ll take a look and see if the crash ca, be avoided.

If you want to Boolean:

  • select the repeater with its children and use the Boolean directly
  • or after validate+join, simply run the Boolean on a the mesh (it will detect disconnected part)

In the original case I had shrunken the clone and hid it to hollow the object. I should have clarified more and the pic was just cloned on top and I hit Boolean to show the percent at which it froze. Sorry for the confusion.