How to weld 2 low poly objects?

I knew that it has something to do with the settings, like I needed to change the number/value, but I can’t remember it exactly…

Every time I tried to join 2 low poly objects (either by clicking on “join” or “boolean”) they won’t unite completely and when I add subdivision, each of them gets rounded individually instead of as a whole object.

Debug - DEV - last point in the list.
JOIN - merge vertex radius slider
! But don’t forget to turn off the option !

Measure the distance between the vertices for the value …


Thanks so much bro!

It’s working like I want now when I turn it on.

I guess the default value is already good enough for my case. (I join the original object with extracted object).

So I don’t need to change the slider right? Just turn it on & off.

I actually always set the slider, because the XYZXYZ value sometimes causes problems.


cool !!

Thank you so much for a big help!

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