Is there any way to set an even thickness of an object?

Hi! I’m quite new to digital sculpting, but as digital work and 3d-printing is definitely a part of the future in my profession (special makeup effects artist) I thought I’d hop on that train sooner rather than later. So I’ve been playing around with 3d-scans of faces going boolean back and forth to create positives and negatives etc. and I am loving it! What I am struggling with however is creating an object, a mask for an example, of a certain thickness. Say I have sculpted a character face, and I want to print it to be worn as a mask over an actors face and instead of doing it the boolean way having the mask fit skintight I’d rather want the printed mask to be 5mm thick all over, leaving some hollow space between the printed mask and the actors face. Kind of turning your sculpt into a shell of a certain thickness. Is there any way to achieve that?
I hope my question made sense :sweat_smile:

As there is no measurement in Nomad, best would be to import a reference object with known size.
I would use mask and shell for your task.
Mask & shell once for the distance between face and future mask.
Then mask from top of “distance“ shell and create another shell sich will be the real mask. Just an idea, never did that before.

Mask and shell…! Sounds interesting! But I am not sure I quite understand, could you explain more?
Thanks for your reply!

You can extract the mask, you can see a small video in the manual Tools

In your case maybe masking and extracting everything could do the job.

Perfect! That is excactly what I need! Thanks a lot! :blush: