Extracted Masks are turning out too thick

Hello! I’ve been working on extracting masks from a 3D scan of my head, and the biggest issue I’m running into is the extracted mask is coming out incredibly thick. I will attach the final mask and the setting I’ve used. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

You should do an update, you can only offer help for current versions. 1.90

Thank you! I did update to the most recent version. I’m still having the same issue

If you tap on height value you can enter smaller value. Does anything improve if you bake the scale of the object in gizmo settings?

Version 1.90 has a preview for the thickness of the mask extraction when you move the slider for the thickness. Your value is currently -0.02 - you may want to set a smaller hight value…
I am also surprised that the value is negative.

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-0.02 is pretty small. I’m wondering if your face scan didn’t import in it’s real life scale.

It may be worth checking it by adding a primitive sphere and comparing the size of it to your head. If your head scan is anywhere near the size of the sphere then you’ll know the imported head scan is not scaled properly.

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