Is there an option to replicate an object and position them evenly spaced around an axis?

For example, if I wanted to design a gear, could I make one tooth, and then use that to create a pattern of multiple teeth evenly spaced around the wheel? Could I control the number of teeth I end up with on the gear? A tool like this would apply to more than just gears, I’m just using this as an example. Is there any way to get this result?

Hi Kaleb! You can use the Repeater Radial function. Is on the Scene panel > Add > Repeaters > Radial. You can choose axis and number of clones. Really powerful, you can check the image if it’s easier. Hope I could help you!


That’s perfect! :+1:t2:. Thank you so much, that is very helpful! :+1:t2:.

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happy to help @Kaleb_Cadle :slight_smile:

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