Is it possible to create these forms in Nomad Sculpt?

Hello, I want to do low poly hair design and I’m new to this kind of thing. They model hair in this way using curves, paths or planes in Blender, and then convert them to mesh and add hair texture.
The form they use is usually a long rectangle and they do not want the back to be visible. It looks like this: ( First part in the image)
The forms I want to make are: ( 2nd part in the image )

Is it possible to do this in nomadsculpt? When I work with Path, I see a round structure that is visible on both sides. I don’t know what to call this, so I’ll show it with a photo: ( The third part in the image )
I want to create forms like the ones I showed above, not like this.

Since I am a new member, I had to show all the stages in one photo. I hope I could explain what I mean. <3 Thank you in advance, friends!

The blender hair method you describe uses planes, not tubes (path). You can create the same blender method in Nomad by starting with a low poly plane with UVs, manipulate it to the shape of the hair and then map the texture. Currently Nomad tubes are without UVs so would need to be auto-unwrapped in Nomad or an external app such as CozyBlanket.

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Yes that’s sad to hear! From what I saw on the forum, people can practically solve the UV problem with a different application called Forger.
So, can you recommend a different program where I can model like in the 2nd part I showed above? Is there such a program? Because modeling hair using curve looks much more practical.

Thank you! : )

The “don’t want visible” part is simply done by turning off two sided in the material menu for that object. You can use curve (as you call it……it’s actually TUBE tool) to model the objects in part 2 of your image by using a line as a tube profile. As I explained, currently tubes don’t have UVs and need unwrapping, with non-consistent results. Maybe you need to use forger if you’re wanting something that currently isn’t in Nomad?