Ipad crash using trim

I started using this program very recently on my Ipad Air (2022), it is really incredible but when using the TRIM tool the application closes suddenly. This is working on a sphere, after a few minutes, if I use that tool it closes and when I open it all unsaved progress is lost.

The iPad is new and the use of Ram is minimal so it is really very strange that it is happening. Any idea what could be happening?

Nomad Ver: 1.84
IpadOS 17.2

You are aligned to the view - right - and you trim with symmetry ON.
This causes problems to trim against the symmetry.
Turn off the symmetry.
I think this problem has been improved in version 1.85.

Even with symmetry OFF and at any angle of view it still crashes.

Test the file in the WebDemo. If it works there, then it’s a bug. In version 1.84 is definitely a trim bug.

Trim cut has completely changed in 1.85 so I’ll assume it’s been fixed.

Until then you can use Trim with Box, and then rotate the shape with 2 fingers.

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