Trim tool causes crash on hollowed box

This is always reproducable:

  1. Create a box (no validation)
  2. Clone the box (no validation)
  3. Shrink clone a bit
  4. Boolean to create a hollow box
  5. Trim tool with line option ( fill holes is active, snap to 45°, view from right)

Once the cut is applied, Nomad crashes.

Did you keep the symmetry? (if so, you should cut from right view)

There’s a bug with trim+line but I can’t trigger any crashes

Hi Stephane, symmetry is active when I do this.

I just did some more tests. I notcied, that when using the line option there is a white dot being displayed on the line. This dot moves as I drag in the direction of the line. If this dot is still ON the object when I release my pen to validate the line, the crash is bound to happen. If I drag until the dot is outside of the object, it’s a coin toss. Sometimes it crashes, sometimes it doesn’t.

I’m not sure what this white dot is being used for, since the line is being drawn all over the screen the moment the pen is being moved even slightly.

It’s bound to cause issue (it should never crash though) if it’s the default X symmetry and you are on the right view.
Both cutting shape will be similar.

I can’t replicate the crash so I’ll assume it’s been fixed.
I still need to fix something with line, in any case you should probably use Rectangle + 2 fingers to scale/rotate the shape.
There was another issue with the line shape anyway (split+line being broken).

Thanks a lot. I didn’t know I could rotate and scale the shape before applying the cut.

I just tried the same thing in the Nomad webdemo. Here it doesn’t crash. Instead no cut is being applied at all. However unchecking the “fill holes” option does the trick. But it leaves some weird artifacts.

Again when drawing the line the white dot that moves along the line was still one the object.